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This MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING has been established to outline the commitment, expectations, and relationship between the No Regrets Men’s Ministry (“NRMM”), located at 19435 West Capitol Drive, Suite 105, Brookfield, WI 53045 and the organization listed below (“Host Site”). The outcome of this MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING should be clear mutual expectations between NRMM and the Host Site in regard to the No Regrets Men’s Conference (“Event”).

Host Site Obligations

1. Personnel

  1. a) The Host Site will assign an overall coordinator (referred to as the Host Site Coordinator) who will work with the team from NRMM in organizing and promoting the Event.
  2. b) The Host Site will provide a team of volunteers to fill NRMM-recommended roles including a minimum of a Host Site Coordinator and a Technical Coordinator.
  3. Pricing

The host site fee is not based on the number of men you are planning to host, but your church’s average weekly attendance including men, women, and children. Host Site agrees to pay NRMM a host site fee per the table below.  The fee to host the Event is due at the time of booking the Event.


Small Church

Large Church

Weekly Attendance



One-time charge to host



  1. Technical
  2. a) The Host Site will test the Internet bandwidth in their gathering area by using the test stream at: No Regrets Video Test prior to promoting the Event.
  3. b) If the Host Site finds the Internet bandwidth inadequate or non-existent in their gathering area, the Host Site agrees to purchase, install, and/or upgrade the Internet connection in order to properly broadcast the Event at their facility.
  4. c) The Host Site Technical Coordinator will confirm – in coordination with other local technical experts as needed - that the Host Site can receive, and properly project, the Internet streaming video feed in the gathering area planned for the Event.
  5. d) The Host Site Technical Coordinator will confirm – along with other technical experts as needed – that they will be available on-site during the Event.

4. Communications

  1. a) The Host Site and NRMM will use the No Regrets Resource Portal as the primary form of communication leading up to the Event.
  2. b) The Host Site and NRMM will use online group chat as the primary form of tech support during the Event.
  3. Broadcast
  4. a) The Host Site recognizes that the Event is a one-time, one-day experience and although the Host Site might be in a different city, state, time zone, or country, the Event happens only on the scheduled day and time by NRMM. 
  5. b) The Host Site agrees not to delay the broadcast more than two hours.
  6. c) The Host Site agrees that it may not record, reproduce, or distribute the broadcast, or any portions of it, for internal or external use without permission from NRMM.

6. General

  1. a) Prior to completing this agreement the Host Site Coordinator will receive permission to host the Event from the local leadership at the Host Site (for example the Senior Pastor, Lead Pastor, Governing Board, Council of Elders or other responsible party).
  2. b) The Host Site agrees not to schedule other competing activities while conducting the Event. This will help attendees and volunteers focus strictly on the Event.
  3. c) The Host Site acknowledges that other churches in their area may choose to host the Event and we do not impose geographic boundaries. Our desire is that churches will work together to reach the men in their city for Christ.
  4. d) The Host Site recognizes that NRMM may exclude from the Event any Host Site whose teaching and/or practice does not align with the Men of No Regrets - What We Believe .

NRMM Obligations

1) Promotion

  1. a) b) NRMM will provide downloadable promotional resources online.

2) Planning

  1. a) NRMM will provide a Host Site Guide to assist the Host Site in the planning process for the Event.
  2. b) NRMM will provide other schedules and run of show tools online to assist the Host Site in planning.

3) Technical

  1. a) NRMM will partner with a streaming service provider to provide a high quality video stream and technical assistance throughout the Event.
  2. b) NRMM will provide technical support the day of the Event from 8am to 3pm CST via online group chat. No technical support will be provided after the day of the Event.

Additional Terms

If the broadcast of the Program is substantially prevented by reason of an act of God, strike, lockout, law, regulation or ordinance, war or terrorism, or by any other circumstance beyond the control of NRMM, the failure of such performance will be excused and this Agreement deemed suspended during the continuation of such circumstance. NRMM will make reasonable efforts to provide a program similar to the Event at a later date of its choosing. The substitution will be in the format of an online archive video stream, rather than a live production.

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No Regrets 2023 Host Site Program - Small Church

Won’t you join us by hosting this event at your church? You can live stream the event as a large gathering or empower your men to stream to their small groups. It will be a global movement of men who will be renewed, challenged and propelled to become the men of courage God intends them to be.

What you'll get:

  • 4 channels of streaming content for a customized experience.
  • Exclusive resource website providing you with customizable publicity materials.
  • Host Site specialist to help you with pre-event planning.
    Live tech support during the conference.

$400 for small church (under 250 weekly attendance)